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Lincoln Project Ad Says ‘Loser, Sucker’ Trump Got Conned By His Own Campaign

President Donald Trump’s critics on the right are mocking him for being scammed by the people who work for his own reelection campaign.

The newest video from the Lincoln Project – an organization made up of “never Trump” conservatives – said his campaign had raised and spent nearly $1 billion, only to find him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls. 

“You really don’t get what they did, do you, Donald?” the narrator asked, then suggested how money intended for his campaign could’ve been siphoned off by advisers to pay for beach houses and fancy cars

“Pretty soon that $800 million you raised did nothing but make a lot of people rich,” the narrator said. “And put you in a big hole.”

The ad concludes that Trump is a “sucker who got played” and predicts he will lose to Biden in November. The insults refer to comments Trump reportedly made about fallen U.S. soldiers, who The Atlantic said he referred to as “losers” and “suckers.”

“On November 3rd, he’ll be the biggest loser, sucker in American history,” the narrator declared. ”Don the Con got conned.” 

The Lincoln Project was co-founded last year by longtime conservative insiders, including George Conway, Jennifer Horn, Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson, with the goal of working against Trump’s reelection and against those in the party who enabled him.

Some of the Lincoln Project ads have run in Washington D.C. to provoke Trump, who has on occasion taken the bait and attacked the organization as a “losers project.” 

It’s not clear if the current video will air as a TV ad or if it was just made for an online audience. 

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